The Blessed Latin One
The Sign of Three… Minutes to Four.



Someone called this camera porn and yes. That.

Would you look at the wonder of that thing?

All hail the A camera! An Arri Alexa sporting an electronic view finder and a hooded OLED monitor. I’m pretty sure they’re using Zeiss lenses. The camera starter kit— without any extra goodies or the rig is about $80,000. Hang it over a building, you say? Um, sure. How much insurance do we have again? 


this month has been pretty busy and i have some health issues to take care of but i managed to paint some sherlock and john heads ; v ; 


#3 IBC - Suit x


The Imitation Game (x)


The Imitation Game (x)

The Empty Lab: The Edges of Vision


Working out the last of my dangling thoughts about His Last Vow. Well, some of them. Well, a few of them. Two. Exactly two. Empty houses and the mystery of doors.

Many, many gifs behind the cut, will probably load very slowly.

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Love these shots of John in warm tones as opposed to Sherlock in cool