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Sherlock BTS: A Steadicam Shot of Moriarty in ASiB

What are we looking at?

  1. Shiny board! This is a reflector they’re using to shine a bit of light on Andrew’s face so the shadow from the direct sun doesn’t obscure anything adorable.
  2. The Steadicam operator. The Steadicam is a marvel of human ingenuity and silliness. It allows the camera operator to follow actors on foot.
    Steadicam is a brand of camera stabilizer mount for motion picture cameras that mechanically isolates it from the operator’s movement. It allows for a smooth shot, even when moving quickly over an uneven surface.
    The motion of the shot is side to side but without the up and down bounce so the viewer feels as if they’re walking or running along, but they don’t get seasick! In these shots of Moriarty you get a real sense you’re walking along with him. The camera and the rig is all attached to one guy’s body and he often has a spotter to made sure he doesn’t fall on his ass.
  3. Windscreen!  This guy is protecting the Steadicam rig from gusts of wind that can make the picture shake.
  4. That’s Andrew Scott as James Moriarty. But you knew that.
  5. Sue Vertue, the producer is taking a walk with the crew.
  6. The boom microphone operator. He’s there to record Moriarty’s raspberry to Mycroft. The fuzzy bit covering the mic at the end of the boom is the muff (or “dead cat”) it protects the mic from picking up the sound of the wind. Not only is he keeping up with the gang while holding a really long stick, he has to make sure that stick a) doesn’t kill anybody and b) is never, ever in the camera frame.
If I were to do a book about cinematography for you, what would you want to see in it?


I’m quite serious. What could I create for you that you’d be truly excited about? What do you want to know? What kinds of examples would interest you? What would you ask a pro? If you’d be interested in a book, why would it appeal to you? I’m looking for feedback— as much detail as you can/want to provide. Send me an ask, or an email ( or reblog.

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A continuation of what you’ve already done in your blog with Sherlock—lighting, how shots/effects are done, what art/film inspires the cinematographer,homages & connections to other films, BTS anecdotes (if available—what it’s like to do the work, perhaps).

The Sign of Three… Minutes to Four.



Someone called this camera porn and yes. That.

Would you look at the wonder of that thing?

All hail the A camera! An Arri Alexa sporting an electronic view finder and a hooded OLED monitor. I’m pretty sure they’re using Zeiss lenses. The camera starter kit— without any extra goodies or the rig is about $80,000. Hang it over a building, you say? Um, sure. How much insurance do we have again? 


this month has been pretty busy and i have some health issues to take care of but i managed to paint some sherlock and john heads ; v ;